fRoots 2015, UK

Nun Te Vutà Beartones 8 89211 23368 7

Newpoli make a fairly quick follow-up to Tempo Antico which only arrived here at the end of 2013. This time the American-based Italians expand their horizons and take it in a slightly different direction. They have not abandoned their exciting take on the various musical traditions of the south of Italy but some of their own compositions are added to the mix.

The title track translates from the Neapolitan dialect as Don’t Look Back and the theme of emigration dominates the album, clearly a subject close to the hearts of band members. So many young people are leaving the south, they state; not enough jobs to go round for talented, qualified young people. Ironic, to say the least, when you consider how many people are daily risking life and limb to reach the Italian coast.

The main feelings generated by this album are passion and excitement. The pas- sion comes mainly from the interplay between the two lead singers, Angela Rossi and Carmen Marsico with both offering utterly committed performances full of fervour. The excitement is in the great exhilaration they bring to their varied treatments of tarantellas, powered mainly by the frame drum behind accordeon, fiddle and various pipes and whistles, but also incorporating other influences from around the Mediterranean such as the oud and the doumbek.

- Vic Smith