fRoots Magazine 2008, UK

Newpoli research and play the traditional music styles of southern
Italy, but the band was actually formed in the USA by musicians who are
alumni of Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory. Newpoli
mainly play music from the regions of Campagnia and Puglia, integrating
styles such as tarantella, pizzica, tammurriata, villanella and
Neapolitan canzone. The instrumentation is acoustic and largely
conventional, with guitar, violin, accordeon, double bass and a strong
emphasis on percussion. Marenglen Skendo plays flute, which is not one
of the primary instruments of the area, but he also plays shakuhachi,
which is certainly an unexpected instrument.

Newpoli begin the album with a generically titled Pizzica (which is a
type of tarantella) from Puglia and end with a tarantella from the same
region. Between these lively dance-songs are a Neapolitan serenata
entitled Marechiare, a couple of traditional 16th century villanellas (a
type of circle dance), a tarantella from Calabria, and a varied
collection of styles from Naples that include a 17th century parody of
an aria, a song in the form of a chant, a type of slow dance called a
tammurriata and a tarantella called 'O Guarracino.

The delightful lead vocals are shared between Carmen Marico and Angela
Rossi, who are also the musical directors along with guitarist Björn
Wennås. The arrangements are as well played and sophisticated as one
would expect from music conservatory graduates, but at the expense of
some of the passion. They possibly try to cover too wide a variety of
styles, but it is an engaging album that is well presented and has a
commendable authenticity.