Facts on Wax 2013

'Newpoli - Tempo Antico'

Newpoli’s founding members left Italy to study jazz at Berklee College of Music, with nary a thought that they’d end up performing the folk music of their homeland. But, thankfully they did and the pleasure is all their fans. The Berklee alumni decided to record their album live in a local church in Swamp- scott, Mass. Their decision resulted in the rich sounds heard on the ‘baker’s dozen’ of tracks delivered in the form of tarantella-pizzicas, tammuriatas, villanellas and canzones. The high energy abounds in cuts that include, “Catalina — Moresca Prima," the fiery “Pizzicarella," the spinning “Trapanarella," the pretty strains of “A Serenata ‘e Pulecenella" and hit the halfway mark with the fast-paced “Chichilichi." The second half keeps pace with Puglia’s traditional “Mamma la Rondinella," trailed by the haunting “Dicitencello Vuje," the tender love song “Amore Amore" and the bonus track “Sia Benedetto ci fici lo mundo." Even if you don’t understand the language, the energy is superb!

- Sal Giarratani