Mazz Musikas 2008, Belgium

(Translated from Dutch)
An unusual story, that of Newpoli. In October 2003 the group sprang out of the ground as a result of a performance at an international folk festival. The members, all jazz students of Italian origin, liked that very much and started to apply themselves through the years to the music of their parents and grand parents. That means that we are here dealing with folk music and a "back to the roots" movement of the musicians. Something like that has been known to create an intriguing recording and that is also the case here. The the (musicians) have made the forms and theme structures of the Tarantella, Tammuriata, Villanella and the Neapolitan songs from the middle ages until today their own. The result is a beautiful recording, which made us recall more than once the effect the debut of Spaccanapoli had on us in the past. A new world opened up and since then we have not stopped following the neo-traditionalists from the Napoli region.

The fact that the ladies and gentlemen of Newpoli (did you get that? New-Poli) master their instruments more than usual proves that their jazz education served a purpose. The singing is arranged for several voices and is strong, as it should be; the rhythms are surprising, so that one ends up on the wrong leg more than once. That is O.K., provided that the joy remains the most important. ON that point there is absolutely nothing wrong with the recording, which I can recommend with a clear conscience to anyone who is favorably disposed to the Taranta!
- Marc Nolis