Newpoli Kickstarter Campaign for the new album, Tempo Antico!

We are going live, launching our Kickstarter campaign for our new album Tempo Antico!

We have now decided to create this Kickstarter campaign to hopefully get some help releasing our next album that we recorded this past summer.

We have been around for 10 years performing and researching music from Southern Italy and we love it! We are trying to be as authentic about it as possible using traditional instruments and dialects from the various regions of Italy. We feel that we have made this music our own adding a personal Newpoli "spice" to it and we believe we should be out there performing this music for wider audiences. This music should be heard! 

We started a fundraising campaign on our website a few years ago and we’d like to thank everyone that already helped us fund this project. Thanks to you our Christmas CD was successfully released this past December! However, the cost for recording and mixing pretty quickly surpassed what we had initially budgeted for two CDs and we do not have anything left for the manufacturing and promotion for the 2nd CD, Tempo Antico.

In order to release the 2nd CD we need funds for manufacturing and funds for the promotion. The promotion is the most important part of this campaign. This is how we can get the CD heard on the radio and reviewed in papers and magazines, so that we can reach a wider audience. You know, one thing is to produce a good record but what’s the point if nobody hears it?

There is so much work and money taking care of everything a label used to do. However, YOU, the fans, can really help us bring this music to NEW fans!

Check out our Kickstarter project and let your friends know. We could really use your support to get it done. Share it on your FB page, tell your friends, let everyone know!!

Best to you all,