Help us fund our next two CD's!!!

Micro-fund Newpoli’s next two albums!

Cari Amici,

These projects have been long overdue. We are planning to enter the studio this summer to record our new album containing songs we’ve been playing for some time now but not yet recorded as well as an album with our Christmas collection of songs from Southern Italy that many of you got to enjoy in concert this past December. However, in order for us to do so we really need your help!

Are you familiar with micro-funding? Basically you, the fans, friends and families, help us, Newpoli, put the music in your hands. We have partnered up with Microfundo to make this happen. Microfundo is a Somerville (MA) based organization that helps musicians release their music through building a bridge between the artist and the fans and to find ways to raise the funds to make projects realities.

The steps are easy: Choose the amount that you would like to donate on our Microfundo page and in return not only will you help us record these two projects but you will also receive things such as signed copies of the upcoming releases, tickets to the CD release party, your name mentioned on the CD, song dedication etc, etc.

The funds that you will help raise will be used for:

- Studio recording, mixing and mastering
- Cover Art
- Pictures
- Duplication of the CD’s
- Press and Radio Promotion for the release

Click the “launch related site" link below this text and it will take you to our Microfundo page.

We would like to sincerely thank you for the support you have shown over the years and we hope for your continuing support.

A presto,


Angela, Carmen, Björn, Roberto, Fabio and Megumi.

We would also like to welcome a new member to the group, Daniel Meyers, performing on Recorder, Zampogna and Ciaramella.